Air Cooled Reciprocating Oil Free Compressors

  • Unique seizure free composite resin technology
  • Patented Critical Maintenance Free (CMF) Technology

Key application areas


  • Patented Composite Piston
  • Dynamic Balancing of Bare Compressor Assembly Effective Cooling
  • Continuous Duty Running in Indian Ambient Conditions


  • Oil-Free, Critical Maintenance Free Machines. Safest in their Range
  • Low Vibration
  • Temperature Reduction
  • Technology, Durability and Clean Air – at the Best Value Available

Key Application Areas

  • Rice , Flour & Dal segment
  • Nitrogen Generator Segment
  • Spray Gun Segment
  • Consultancy -Power Plants
  • Printing & Packaging Segment
  • Metrological Equipment -CMM etc .
  • Hospitals
  • Pharma -R&D and Manufacture
  • CNC Machine Segment